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R&D Tax Incentive

DIY R&D Online Application

We’ve created a simple and affordable way for Australian businesses to apply for government grants and incentives. Our new online tool has been developed with you in mind to make applying for the R&D Tax Incentive easy and stress-free.

How to Apply for R&D?

To start your R&D Tax Incentive Online Application process, select the service below that best suits your needs. The information you provide will be reviewed and assessed by one of Saving Point’s R&D experts.

Eligibility Assessment

In order to register and claim the R&D Tax Incentive, you will need to determine your eligibility for the program.

R&D Application

Start Your Own R&D Application and let our experts review it giving you confidence in your R&D claim.

Complete Application Service

Let our experts save prepare your claim from start to finish. We’ll save you time and ensure a compliant claim with maximum benefit.

*This service includes a thorough investigation of all relevant activities and records, beyond sample documents provided.  Specific advice is provided to resolve any issues identified.

What is R&D Tax Incentives?

Does your business develop new products, new processes, systems or techniques? Do you develop new knowledge by making improvements to existing technologies? Do you need to carry out experiments through your development process? The R&D process can be a challenging and risky one for businesses. The Federal Government provides some assistance through its Research and Development Tax Incentive, program that provides Tax Offsets of up to 43.5%.  Learn more 


Refundable tax offset For companies with a group turnover under $20 million


Non - refundable tax offset For companies with a group turnover of $20 million and above

Benefits of R&D Tax Incentive

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